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Beginnings: What Genesis Says (And Doesn’t Say)

Shenango Presbytery Fall Pastor Retreat – October 15-16, 2018
Villa Maria Conference Center

Dr. Steven Tuell
Dr. Steven Tuell

When critics and defenders of faith argue about beginnings, both sides generally assume that Genesis presents a straightforward account of how the world was made.  One side defends this account, while the other attacks it.  But close reading of Genesis 1-2 reveals a serious flaw in this assumption.  Genesis presents not one creation account, but two, which differ markedly from one another.



This forces us to ask new questions:

  1. If Genesis 1-2 is not a factual description of the origin of the world, then what is it?
  2. What are these two stories about?
  3. What is the effect of their combination?
  4. What are the implications of Genesis 1-2 for the relationship between science and faith?

“We will engage these questions and more through a close, careful reading of the biblical text.” – Dr. Steven Tuell

Sessions will include:

  • Which Creation?
  • An Ordered World: Genesis 1:1-2:4a
  • The Drama of Relationship: Genesis 2:4b-25
  • Putting It Back Together: What Does Genesis 1-2 Mean?

(Registration is now closed.)

Click here to read more about Dr. Steven Tuell.

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