Christian Education Committee

Mission Statement
The COMMITTEE ON CHRISTIAN EDUCATION shall have the following composition, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Be composed of three classes, each consisting of two ministers, one elder, and one
    active member of a church in the Presbytery (Presbyterian Women of Shenango
    Presbytery shall appoint a representative to serve on this commitee, ex-officio),
    (The Moderator of the Camps and Conferences Committee or designee shall also
    serve as a member of the committee).
  • Cooperate with the Ministry Unit on Education and Congregational Nurture and the
    Synod’s Committee on Christian Education in promotion of denominational
    programming within the bounds of Presbytery.
  • Render aid to the churches of Presbytery, as may be possible, to develop and
    maintain an adequate program in all areas of church education.

The Committee on Christian Education generally meets the first Wednesday of the
month at 1:00 PM at the Presbytery Office.

Members Serving Currently

  • Class of 2018
    • Rev. Brian Ennis
    • Rev. Jim Mohr
    • Elder Jane Bartholomew
    • Elder Andrea Hall
  • Class of 2019
    • Rev. Anthony Kladitis
    • Rev. David Clark
    • Elder Dorry Sankey
    • Joanna Julock
  • Class of 2020
    • Rev. Ray Medina
    • Rev. Charlie Crane
    • Phoebe Parrish
    • Elder Robbie Arnold
  • Representative, Presbyterian Women of Shenango Presbytery
    • Elder Susan Black 


Listen to the 2018 LeaderFest Keynote Address:

LeaderFest 2018 Power Point Slide Presentations:

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