Church & Community Committee

Mission Statement
Be Responsible for stimulating and assisting the churches of Shenango Presbytery
in relation to the ethical and social dimensions of their faith and witness.

The Church & Community Committee usually meets 10 AM to NOON on the first Wednesday of each month (September – June) at the Presbytery Office.

Current Work Areas



    • International Peacemaking
      • The Church & Community Committee has partnered with others in the Presbytery to bring us International Peacemakers. “International Peacemakers are leaders who are engaged in peacemaking in their own areas of the world. They are invited by the PCUSA to visit with Presbyterians in the United States and to help us understand the peace and justice concerns of others around the world. As we broaden our sense of God’s inclusive family, we also better understand the peace and justice issues in our own communities.” The focus issue for 2008 was poverty: the root causes and the remedies for poverty in our world. The Committee would like to thank Rev. Jim Mohr and the Westminster College Chapel Office, Bethany Church in Mercer, East Main in Grove City, and the Sudan Partnership for hosting Rev. Yousif Kodi, the International Peacemaker from the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan.
    • Ways You Can Work for Peace
      • This year, the Church & Community Committee is highlighting all the ways that churches in Shenango Presbytery could be, or already are, peacemakers:
        – Study and sign the Peacemaking Commitment.
        – If you signed the Peacemaking Commitment, celebrate the 25th Anniversary in a Moment for Mission, rededication litany, or prayers during worship.
        – Receive the Peacemaking Offering (25% is designated to a organization that you decide is working for peace in your neighborhood or the world).
        – Give to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.
        – Give to the One Great Hour of Sharing (Supports the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Self-Development of Peoples, and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance).
        – Join a mission trip through Shenango Presbytery’s Sudan Partnership or Constructores para Christo.
        – Join in a Habitat for Humanity build.
        – Support and pray for Ingrid Reneau in the Sudan.
        – Support the Western Pennsylvania Table Project.
        – Recycle.
        – Offer to wash dishes at a church event to reduce the use of disposable plates, cups, and utensils.
        – Offer Fair Trade coffee at church events.
        – Try the discernment process at one of your session meetings.
        – Commit to reducing the risk of child sexual abuse at your church.
        – Reduce the use of bottled water. Carry your own water bottle.
        – Write letters to your congressmen and women about peacemaking issues you care about.
        – Use investment services that are socially conscious.
        – Buy food that is grown in the area (within 200 miles).
        – Share produce from members’ gardens with a Harvest Table.
        (People bring their extra produce and share it with folks who can’t plant a garden)
        – Tutor children at a neighborhood school.
    • The Commitment to Peacemaking
      • Has your church signed the Commitment to Peacemaking?

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