Mission, Communication, & Stewardship Committee

Mission Statement
The COMMITTEE ON MISSION, COMMUNICATION AND STEWARDSHIP shall have the following composition, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Be composed of three classes of ministers and elders totalling six persons in each class at least two of whom shall be ministers. A representative from the Presbyterian Women of Shenango Presbytery shall serve as an ex officio member.
  • Promote the support of the Mission of the General Assembly, Synod, and Presbytery by a continuing program of interpretation and encouragement.
  • Assist churches and sessions in the cultivation of the grace of liberality and stewardship among their members. This would include practical procedures for preparing a budget and organizing and conducting financial campaigns.
  • Consider and recommend to the Committee on Budget and Finance Planning the Mission Causes Budget with suggested priorities.
  • Be the Presbytery’s Committee on Communication, including Mass Media, cooperating with like committees or agencies in other Presbyteries, Synods, and General Assembly.
  • Be responsible for the development of Mission Funding policies for the Presbytery, including the coordination of funding efforts within the Presbytery.

The Mission, Communication, and Stewardship Committee usually meets five times per year, the Thursday preceeding the council meeting. The Committee meets at 12:00 PM at the New Wilmington Presbyterian Church.


This popular stewardship financial response method takes place during worship. It is a stewardship program for congregations of all sizes, rural or urban, and speaks from a spiritual rather than a fund-raising perspective.


If you are going on a mission trip and would like to complete a mission travel grant application, Travel Grant Application.

If you would be interested in inviting a speaker from the recent mission trip to the Sudan, please click here. We have provided a list of contact names and numbers for your convenience.

For more information MCS programs and grants, please contact the committee moderator, Miriam Gwin at wlgwin@att.net.