Rev. Debbie Blane

Serving Christ in South Sudan

On approaching the college, signs of poverty are everywhere.  Many people crawl on the streets and sidewalks because their limbs are so deformed that they cannot stand up.  Perhaps their families bring them to beg every day, or maybe they live on the streets, waiting to die.  This is a place with no social safety net.  But it is a place that God has chosen for a college that teaches how to serve in the context of grinding poverty, while also being in a context where ministry will take place.  Here in Sudan there is a bean called ful that makes a dish called ful.  It is both the bean and the dish.  Education in ministry is like ful: both the education and the ministry.  We are the poor, the African, the Arab, the hurt, and the wounded, and we are in ministry to the same.  We are learning and teaching  how to serve God by caring for each of us.  Debbie is currently teaching the English tract at Nile Theological College.

NOTE: Debbie ended her service in South Sudan in 2016.  Thank you for your support of her ministry.

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Debbie’s Newsletters to Shenango Presbytery:



  • August 26


Presbyterian Church of Sudan (PCOS)
C/O Nile Theological College
PO Box 40
Upper Nile Province
South Sudan

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