Recorded Lectures of Kenneth E. Bailey Th.D.
Research Scholar and Lecturer in Middle Eastern New Testament Studies

List of Videos
Dr. Bailey’s recorded Lectures are available on DVD. For a PDF version of the complete list, Click Here.
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Middle Eastern New Testament Studies
by Kenneth E. Bailey, Th. D.

New Testament Studies available in half-hour DVD lectures:

1. The Parables of Jesus (15 lectures) $95
2. Jesus Interprets His Own Cross (complete set: 13 lectures) $80
3. A Clear View of Jesus’ Birth (4 lectures) $25
4 . I Corinthians: Paul’s Most Contemporary Letter (10 lectures) $75
(with a 47 page analysis of the text for duplication for class use)
5 . Women in the New Testament (6 lectures) $45
6 . Christology: Jesus Interprets His Own Person (6 lectures) $45
7 . Jesus and His Vision for Mission (8 lectures) $50
8 . The Lord’s Prayer (4 lectures) $25
9 . Paul’s Hymn on Love: I Corinthians 13 (3 lectures) $20
10. The Origins and Interpretation of the Bible (2 lectures) $15
11. The Beatitudes in Matthew (2 lectures) $15
12. “Finding the Lost”
A feature length professionally produced film written by Kenneth Bailey. The subject
of the film is the three parables of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son; with
English subtitles.
(Filmed in Arabic in Cairo, Egypt. Running time: One hour and 40 minutes) $20
13. The Good Shepherd: A Theological Journey of 1,000 Years  (8 lectures)


14. Decoding The DaVinci Code: Historical Reality Vs Murder Mystery Mythology
(A discussion of where the Gospels came from, the place of Constantine,
the development of the Canon, the emergence of the Gnostic Gospels, etc.)
(A one hour DVD lecture) $15
All DVDs available online from:


All of the above can be acquired from:

Middle Eastern New Testament Studies
Mrs. Ethel Bailey, Distribution Manager                Tel/fax 724-946-2298
150 Waugh Avenue, Apt. 4402
New Wilmington PA 16142

[Checks for purchase need to be made out to: Mrs. Ethel Bailey.]

Only the DVD lectures are also attainable from:
(A brief description of the contents of each set of tapes is available on request.)

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