Partnership for the Missional Church

To listen to God’s specific call for us, to let God send us, and through the Holy Spirit, empower us to participate in God’s mission in the world, so that both our outreach and our life together as a church are a witness to Jesus Christ.


  • Read the sermon transcript “Postmodern, Post-Denominational, But Not Post-Presbyterian” by Dr. Victor D. Pentz, Senior Pastor, Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA
  • Darrell Guder (Academic Dean of Princeton Seminary) has written the foundational books for Missional Church thinking. This is an article in which he talks about “missional ecclesiology” (the church is a missional community) in the context of the Nicene Creed’s “marks of the church”.
  • Alan Roxburgh (Director of Allelon), one of the major leaders in missional church thinking, has written an article that defines what we mean by the term “missional church”. This is important becuase everyone is using (and abusing) the term today.
  • Tim Keller’s (pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC) brief article talks about the need for missional churches and elements of a missional church.
  • Joe Small (Director of the Office of Theology and Worship) reviews our PC(USA) history and polity and our understanding of ministry to reveal some things that block living as missional churches.
  • Steve Hayner (professor at Columbia Seminary) wrote this article in The Presbyterian Outlook about the missional church.
  • Steve Yamaguchi (Executive Presbytery in Los Rancho Presbytery) writesbriefly about empowering leaders and becoming a learning organization. He refers to Ron Heifetz’s insights on how organizations change. This is an essential element of PMC.
  • Books & Articles on the Missional Church (a bibliography)




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What Does Partnership for the Missional Church (PMC) Look Like?

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