Rev. Shelvis and Rev. Nancy Smith-Mather

Serving Christ together in the Republic of South Sudan

After decades of civil war, South Sudan became an independent country on July 9, 2011.  Shelvis and Nancy work with RECONCILE (Resource Center for Civil Leadership), an indigenous ecumenical Christian organization, which promotes “peace-building.”  RECONCILE provides training in trauma recovery, conflict transformation, and civic education in areas of high inter-ethnic conflict.  Please pray God will heal the people of South Sudan so they can build a peaceful nation.  Please pray for the RECONCILE staff as they train leaders and for Nancy and Shelvis as they seek to be ambassadors for Christ carrying out God’s ministry of reconciliation.

Visit their PC(USA) page to read newsletters and more information about their work.

Meet Shelvis and Nancy as they describe their work in South Sudan.

Watch a recent interview on CNN with Shelvis and Nancy.

Watch a 2013 interview on CNN as Shevis and Nancy describe Baby Jordan’s birth.




Their newsletters to Shenango Presbytery:


  • Shelvis – March 5
  • Nancy – December 27


  • July 30

To support Shelvis and Nancy’s ministry, please send a check payable to “Shenango Presbytery” to 4197 New Castle Road, Pulaski, PA  16143.  Please note account #507554 in the memo portion.

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