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This Week:

May 18- 2:00 PM GA Commissioner Training, Presbytery Office

7:00 PM Committee on Ministry, Neshannock, NW

May 19- 11:30 AM Christian Educators Appreciation Luncheon, Tuscany Square Restaurant

May 20- 12:00 PM Mission, Communication, & Stewardship, New Wilmington

1:00 PM Sudan Team, New Wilmington

3:30 PM Nominating Committee, Presbytery Office

May 21- 1:00 PM Committee on Ministry, Presbytery Office

May 25- 9:00 AM Steering Committee, Presbytery Office

News From The Presbytery Office

Update on david bailey

Dear Family & Friends,

Just wanted to let you know that David has made really great progress while in the (detested) Rehabilitation Hospital — walking up and down a full flight of stairs today carrying a cup of coffee — and finally finding a bit of inner peace after a week of turmoil.  We were told to expect a long and difficult recovery — that his physical symptoms would be worse following surgery — and they were, but he has really been recovering as well as we could have hoped.  He still has some weakness in his left gross motor — particularly his foot — but will continue with outpatient Physical Therapy for a while.

THANKS for your prayers, your cards, your emails, your hopes . . . love, leslie et al

Debbie Blane’s Newsletter and a Picture from a Sudanese Wedding

Click here, http://www.shenango.org/Sudan/index.htm, to see the latest update from Debbie Blane who is teaching at Nile Theological College in Khartoum, Sudan.  She also reports on a Sudanese wedding (with a picture of the bride and groom) that she attended.

Does Your Church Have Financial Concerns?

Many churches in Shenango Presbytery have had good results using the Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program.  Harlansburg, Coolspring, Bessemer, Unity, Shenango and others did so last year. Now is the time to begin to prepare for the fall stewardship program…September is too late!! Contact Dave Dawson for information.

Need a Guest Preacher for July 25?

Michael Parker, Director of International Evangelism for Presbyterian World Mission, will be attending the New Wilmington Mission Conference.  He is available to preach on July 25.  Mike taught at Nile Theological College in Khartoum in addition to other overseas service.  Please contact him directly atMichael.parker@pcusa.org.

Free Food for Seniors

The Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County offers the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) which provides eligible Mercer County seniors with a FREE box of nutritious food each month.  Even if you receive food stamps or food from a local pantry, you may also quality for this program.  The program is for seniors age 60 and older with a monthly income below the following: Household of 1 $1,174; household of 2 $1,579.  Registration will be held at the Community Food Warehouse (109 South Sharpsville Avenue, Sharon, PA) on May 17-21 10:00 – NOON.  Please bring ID and proof of income.  Call 724-456-7612 for more information.

News From Our Churches

Wampum Church Friendship with Wilfred Mutale

Four years ago Rev. Bill McGary introduced his student from Geneva, Wilfred Mutale from Zambia, to his congregation at the Wampum Church.  The friendship which grew between Wilfred and the congregation was celebrated last Sunday as Wilfred recently graduated from Geneva.  Everyone agreed that this relationship has made a huge impact on everyone.

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