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News from the Presbytery Office

Upcoming Meetings:

September 24-25- PMC Cluster Event, Westminster College

□        September 26-October 1 Autumn Mission Adventure to Massanetta Springs

□        September 28- Presbytery Meeting, Calvin Church


□        Betty Lingle had open-heart surgery on Tuesday.  The surgery went smoothly and quickly, and Betty is recovering well.

2011 Per Capita

Letters have been sent to the Pastor, Clerk and Treasurer of each church with the amounts for the 2011 Per Capita.  The breakdown is as follows: GA $6.50, Synod $2.20, Presbytery $19.19 with a total of $27.89.

Alternative Christmas Options for Mission

The Medical Benevolence Foundation (for which Barry Almy is our area staff person) is providing a way for you to give alternative Christmas gifts in support of medical mission.  Check their web site http://www.mbfoundation.org or contact Barry balmy@mbfoundation.org.

Celebrate Sudan 2010

The Sudan Partnership team is excited to announce the first annual, “Celebrate Sudan” event. It will take place on the evening of World Communion Sunday, October 3rd, 7PM at East Main Presbyterian Church. The purpose of this event will be to celebrate our partnership with the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC) and to raise funds for two special projects that will go beyond our regular giving to the partnership.  These projects have been chosen with input from SPEC’s leadership.  The first project involves helping the Salaama congregation in Khartoum build 2 kindergarten classrooms and to construct a wall that is needed to keep others from encroaching on their property rights.  The Salaama church building was constructed in January, 2006 with funds raised by our presbytery.  A team from Shenango helped with the actual construction of the building.  The second project is directed at raising much needed funds for Nile Theological College.  NTC does an excellent job in training SPEC pastors and church leaders and the partnership committee feels it important this year to supplement Shenango’s normal giving to NTC.

Don McClure Lectures at Pittsburgh Seminary

“Christian Faith in a Post-Christendom World” is the theme for the 2010 W. Don McClure Lectures September 27-28th at Pittsburgh Seminary.  Dr. Jonathan Bonk, executive director of the Overseas Ministries Study Center and editor of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research is the speaker.  The lectures are free and open to all.  Reservations are needed for the World Mission Initiative dinner September 27 at 6 PM.  Seehttp://www.pts.edu/Jonathan_Bonk_Addresses_Christian_Faith_During_McClure_Lecturesfor full information.

News from the Churches

Braised Steak Dinner

The Bessemer Presbyterian Church will be hosting a Braised Steak Dinner on Saturday, October 9th from 5-7 PM.  All proceeds will benefit the Bessemer Presbyterian Church’s General Fund.  Cost is $8.00 for Adults, $4.00 for children 6-12, and FREE for children 5 and under.  Take-outs are available!  For advanced ticket purchases, call 724-667-7255.  A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.  Call 724-667-7255 for more information (Tuesday, Thursday or Friday 9 AM – 12 PM).

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

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