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Relief for Joplin,MO

Curt Savage from First Presbyterian Church of New Castle is organizing relief for Joplin, MO.  Along with the lives lost and homes destroyed, there is massive damage to the telecom infrastructure in Joplin and the surrounding area.  Calls and emails are not getting through.

First Presbyterian Church of New Castle is coordinating and dispatching teams to leave June 4.

We will keep you updated as information comes in.  Please only donate the listed items.

All donations can be brought to First Presbyterian of New Castle, 125 N. Jefferson Street from 9:30 – 4:00.  For information call the Church at 724-652-7706.

Items needed:

Volunteers to help pack vans on June 3.

Volunteers to go to Joplin,Mo June 4 – 10.

Cash donations for rental vehicles capable of transporting personnel and donated items.

Gift cards for Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart for $5 – $10.

Individual first aid items OR a kit like Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose First Aid Kit (bar code 3 8137-008123 4)   This kit includes 170 items contained in a 6”x 9” packable and weather-proof clear plastic box.  $10 for this kit at Giant Eagle or Amazon.com is the best on-line price at $10. These will be very helpful.

Baby wipes, disinfecting/sanitizing wipes, sunscreen, skin moisturizing cream, hand sanitizer, lip balm, Kleenex.

Trash Bags, Duct Tape, 3M dust masks, Safety glasses/goggles, Blue Nitrile gloves, work gloves, rope, extension cords, LED flash lights/lanterns, back packs, stuff (duffle) bags, two way short range radios, rechargeable batteries with chargers.

Pet food for the area animal shelters would also be helpful as hundreds, or possibly more than a thousand, domestic animals and pets were recovered and placed in shelters.
Thank you SO much for your help in this effort.  To God be the glory as we say “Yes Lord” and allow Him to move through His body, the church!

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