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The Presbytery (June 28) approved a plan to provide a “dismissal policy” for approval on September 27.  The Special Committee has recruited several people to assist in writing this so that it could be presented and discussed in August, but the summer schedule is proving to make that very difficult.  Therefore the Special Committee is working on the following schedule with approval of the policy on November 15.

September 14, 7:00-8:30 PM, Presbytery-wide Seminar: Reformed theology on Biblical interpretation and practice. Presenter: Dr. Kang Na, Westminster College. Summaries of the Detterman presentation and the Fellowship event in Minneapolis will be shared. This event will be held at Northminster Presbyterian Church, New Castle

September 27, 5:00-6:15 PM Pre-Presbytery presentation and discussion of “dismissal policy”. This event will be at Westfield Presbyterian Church. All churches interested in this policy to help guide thinking about leaving Shenango Presbytery are encouraged to attend this event.

September 27, 6:30 PM, Presbytery Meeting at Bessemer Presbyterian Church. Presentation of “dismissal policy” with minimum discussion. For order and good stewardship of Presbytery time, the primary place for discussion will be the pre-Presbytery event. Action will not be taken at this Presbytery meeting. The team overseeing the “dismissal policy” will edit the policy following the discussion on 9/27.

November 15, 6:30 PM, Presbytery Meeting at New Wilmington Presbyterian Church. Action taken on “dismissal policy’

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

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