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Ministry and Mission in Shenango Presbytery

Back in June, 25+ pastors from around the presbytery met for lunch to discuss ministry and mission in Shenango for churches who are not planning to leave the PCUSA, or at least not yet.  We are meeting a second time, and anyone is welcome.   Come for lunch at Westminster College on July 19, 11:30am.  We will continue the lively discussion, as well as hear 5 minute reports from those who are fostering creative ideas for presbytery mission in this fluid, messy, post-denominational era.  Note that this is not intended to become club for those who are “loyalists” or always and forever opposed to leaving the denomination; it is simply a forum for a different kind of theological conversation about work and witness within the bounds of Shenango as the PCUSA becomes less relevant.  Questions?  Contact Ralph Hawkins, Bill Crooks, or Glenn Hink.  Please RSVP for lunch at office@nwpresby.org or 724-946-3541.
Mission Speakers Visiting
The New Wilmington Mission Conference is coming up, and there are plenty of opportunities to hear some great mission speakers.  In addition, Debbie Blane will be here from July 13th – 28th, and several area churches are hosting special events where you can meet and hear Debbie (she’ll be at NWMC too).
Click here to visit the New Wilmington Mission Conference website.  Click here to view a schedule of events for Debbie Blane.

Mark Your Calendars Now for the 2nd Annual Celebrate Sudan Event!

The 2nd annual “Celebrate Sudan” event will be held on World Communion Sunday, October 7th, 7PM, at East Main Presbyterian Church, Grove City. This will be an exciting time for all the churches in Shenango Presbytery to come together, worship God, and Celebrate our Partnership with the Sudan PresbyterianEvangelicalChurch.

The special offerings collected this year will be used to assist Gereif Bible School in recovering from the destruction experienced on their campus when it was ransacked by Muslim extremists this springWe encourage churches to take up this offering at their Wrold Communion Sunday worship services.

Mark your calendars and join us for a time of music, fellowship, ands authentic Sudanese food.  Rev. Steve and Brenda Stelle from Faith Presbyterian Chuch in Hermitage, recent first time visitors toSudan, will be sharing about their visit and it’s impact on their lives and church.

Pastors and all session moderators, please ask you sessions soon for permission to take up a special “CelebrateSudan” offering.  Over $20,000 was raised in our first two “CelebrateSudan” events.

Opportunity to Assist Gereif Bible School in Khartoum Sudan
We were all moved greatly this late spring by news that Gereif Bible School in Khartoum, Sudan, experienced extensive damage and loss of critical resources when it was ransacked and burned by Muslim extremists.  Communication from our partners at Gereif estimate the value of damaged furniture, equipment, and buildings  at $13,935.00 and stolen cash at $7092.00, for a total of $21027.00   The cost of burned library books is much higher and will need to be addressed over a long period of time.  We hope to help our partners recover from their more pressing needs in light of these losses and have designated our Celebrate Sudan 2012 offering for that purpose.  However, some churches in our presbytery have indicated a desire to respond to this situation now.  We are hoping that Daniel Hamad, principal of the school, will be with us during the time of the New Wilmington Mission Conference.  If he is, we will be able to send any gifts sent in to the presbytery office for Gerief by Tuesday July24th, back with him.  If Daniel is unable to be with us, we will make every effort to send these more timely gifts to Gereif as soon as is practically possible.
A Few Needs for the New Wilmington Mission Conference
  • Life guards for the pool at Westminster during the week of Conference…afternoons July 23rd through the 27th from 2 til 5 PM. Guards need to have current certification. Will be paid throught Westminster College.  Call Dan Forsberg @ 724-971-3448 or NWMC Office at 724-946-9770 for information.
  • Volunteer drivers to go to the Pittsburgh Airport to pick up delegates and speakers.  Drivers will drive one of the College’s mini vans to and from the airport. People are needed the week of the 21st through the 28th. Especially needed during  the first days, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd and then and then the end of Conference the 27th and 28th. Drivers will be on call as needed according to demand.  Maximum one trip per day.  Current drivers license required. A cell phone is not necessary but is a plus!  Call Dan Forsberg at 724-971-3448 or the NWMC Office at 724-946-9770.

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

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