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This Week:

  • November 7- 1:00 PM Christian Education Committee, Presbytery Office
  • November 8- 1:30 PM Evangelism Committee, Presbytery Office
  • November 13- 6:30 PM Presbytery Meeting, 1st Sharon

Relief for Hurricane Sandy

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is already responding to the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.  Your One Great Hour of Sharing offerings are being used and much more is expected through more contributions from churches and individuals.  You can give online, http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/pda/hurricane-sandy/, or you can send funds through the Shenango Presbytery Office for Hurricane Sandy Relief #DR000187.

Shelvis and Nancy Smith-Mather Baby Born in South Sudan

Shelvis and Nancy are missionaries in South Sudan and their first child was recently born there.  Click [here] to read this amazing story.

Orphan Children Trauma and Healing Center, South Sudan

Click here to read about a special opportunity to provide some simple Christmas gifts to children in South Sudan this December.

“Shroud Encounter” at Westminster College

Coming to: Westminster College on Wednesday, November 7th at 7:00 PM in the Wallace Memorial Chapel.  Admission is Free.  Could an ancient Jewish linen cloth be the actual burial shroud of Jesus?  Could the Shroud of Turin be a document of the crucifixion?  Is that even possible? Or is it nothing more than a medieval hoax?  For hundreds of years this ancient linen cloth etched with the faint image of a crucified man has mystified millions.  It continues to speak from centuries past challenging us to unlock its many secrets.  Nearly every scientific regimen has been employed to unravel the mystery and yet it remains unsolved.   Shroud Encounter is a dramatic big-screen experience.  Each clue is revealed and examined like a CSI Investigation leading deeper into its maze of mystery and intrigue.   Explore this profound enigma with Russ Breault, one of the world’s leading experts captivating audiences coast to coast and seen in numerous documentaries including The History Channel, Discovery and CBS.   Don’t miss Shroud Encounter!

Ruling Elders in the Grove City Area

The Regional Elder Training (Elder 101) is coming to Tower Church in Grove City on Saturday, November 10th from 10AM-NOON.  This is a great training event for the whole Session, for your rookie and experienced elders, or for the up-and-coming elder you just elected.  Questions?  Call Teresa Kendall at 724-758-5977.

Special Chapel to Honor and Celebrate America’s Veterans

Join us on Friday, November 9th at 11:40 AM in Orr Auditorium, Westminster College, as we honor and celebrate our veterans with a concert of patriotic music from the Westminster Wind Ensemble and Combined Choirs, and special guest speaker, Iraq Veteran, SFC Raymond Corvino, HHB 1-107 FA.  Admission is Free.

Community Thanksgiving Worship

Westminster College Office of Faith & Spirituality and the New Wilmington Ministerium extends a cordial invitation to the community to attend a joint Thanksgiving Worship Service on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 7:00 PM in Wallace Memorial Chapel, Westminster College.  Come and share with our brothers and sisters in Christ as we give thanks for our community and the blessings given to each of us from God.  Guest speakers: Jim & Amy Schneider (Eyes of Faith), and Mimi Prada (Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County), with music by the Westminster Jazz Quartet.  Canned goods and offering will be received to support the Pittsburgh Food Bank, the Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County, and Eyes of Faith.

Dominican Evangelical Church Celebrates 90 Years

The Dominican Evangelical Church (Dominican Republic) recently celebrated its 90th birthday as a denomination.  Our New Wilmington and Clen-Moore churches have developed an excellent partnership with these sisters and brothers in Christ.  Below is a picture from that event.  If your congregation would like to explore participating, please contact Ralph Hawkins or Chris Weichman.

90th Birthday of the Dominican Evangelical Church
90th Birthday of the Dominican Evangelical Church








Allen Organ Available

Ruth Ray has a 2-manual Allen organ with over 16 stops and a 1-octave foot pedal that is small enough for home or church use.  Any church that could use it is welcome to it.  Call 724-658-4138.

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