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This Week:

  • December 14- 12:30 PM Preparation for Ministry, Presbytery Office

Note: The Presbytery Office will be closed from December 24th-January 1st.  Rev. Dawson will be checking his email and voicemail regularly throughout the week, but if an emergency arises you may call his cell phone at 724-730-1934.

New Ken Bailey DVD Series

We are pleased to announce that we have received a copy of the new Ken Bailey DVD series: Christian Leadership in the New Testament and its companion study guide.  This series was made possible through the Synod of the Trinity working with Presbyterian Media Mission for use in our churches.  Individuals interested in acquiring a copy of the DVD can do so through the Synod website for a donation.  Information about ordering the series, a link to the series on YouTube, and a downloadable version of the study guide, can be found on the Synod website at: www.syntrinity.org/182/Christian_Leadership_in_the_New_Testament_with_Ken_Bailey.html.  Our Resource Center has one copy of this series available to borrow.

Meet New South Sudan Missionaries

Sudan Leadership Team members recently met two terrific new South Sudan missionaries at the Sudan Mission Network.  You are invited to meet them:

  • Wednesday, December 19 meet Sharon Curry www.pcusa.org/sharon~curry
    7:00 PM at Dave and Joan Dawson’s (with cookies and punch) – 30 Willow Drive, New Wilmington (call for directions)
  • Wednesday, January 9 meet Leisa Wagstaff www.pcusa.org/leisa~wagstaff
    7:00 PM at a place to be announced

Orphan Children Trauma and Healing Center, South Sudan

Click here to read about a special opportunity to provide some simple Christmas gifts to children in South Sudan this December.

Kindle Collection

Is a new Kindle on your Christmas list this year?  Maybe you’re thinking of upgrading to a new Kindle Fire in the New Year.  If so, please don’t throw your older basic Kindle model away.  The Sudan Partnership Team is collecting kindles for our Christian brothers and sisters in the Sudan.  As Rev. Tut told us in a recent letter, “I am really enjoying my kindle. It is really helpful to us and it is applicable to our situation here where there is no electricity.”  The basic Kindle has a long battery life and can hold so many books.  This, combined with the fact that books are so scarce and costly in the Sudan, makes the Kindle an excellent way to help serve our pastors in the Sudan. Please note that we can only use basic Kindle models at this time (not the Kindle Fire because the Sudan has iffy internet connections).  If you or your church is interested in this project, please contact Brenda Stelle (724) 342-7447.
The Prespectives on the World Christian Movement course will be held at Westminster College

Please share information about this upcoming opportunity with your whole church family.  Especially:

-those who like to learn in your adult Sunday school classes and small groups

-savvy businessmen and women

-those who know the power of prayer

-college students and seniors in high school making career choices

-travelers who love culture

-school teachers who influence others

-those about to or recently retired

A different expert shares each week for 14 weeks covering biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspectives on how God has been, is now, and continues to be involved in the world.  Visit www.perspectives.org for more information and a list of the dates and instructors. The first session, Sunday, January 13 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm, is free and open to the public with Rev. Jen Haddox of the World Mission Initiative sharing the first lesson.  Please feel free to use the poster (psp2013 poster 4) and bulletin insert (Psp bulletin 2013 d).

Scholarship funds are available from the Presbytery Office for the Perspectives course.  You must contact the Presbytery Office after you register for Perspectives in order to receive the $100 scholarship.

News From The Churches

Organist/Eventual Choir Director Wanted

Shenango Presbyterian Church is looking for an organist who would eventually lead their choir.  This is a part-time position.  They are seeking a faithful musician who is excited about music and singing and church.  Please contact Amy Na at 724-654-2322.

Song/Accompaniment Books Wanted

The Music Department of Center Presbyterian Church in Slippery Rock is looking for any of the Avery and Marsh song books and especially the accompaniment book.  They would be willing to purchase if anyone wishes to sell or donate them.  Please contact Eleanor Gregg at emgregg@verizon.net.

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