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Annual Reports

We have received word that the GA online statistical program is active at http://oga.pcusa.org/stats.  Clerks will use the same “user name” and “password” as last year.  Please note the the password should contain an “!” and is case-sensitive.  The deadline for entering your statistical information is February 20, 2013.    If you have forgotten your user name and password, please call or email the Presbytery office.

Presbytery annual reports are available on the “Publications & Information” page of the Presbytery website.  They are downloadable as WORD and EXCEL files and the completed forms can either be mailed to the office or emailed to Autumn at office@shenango.org.  The deadline for completing these forms is January 31, 2013.  Several churches have not been able to complete their reports by the January deadline in the past, please note that in order for your deceased elders to be included in the special service at the February presbytery meeting, your Necrology form MUST be received at the office by February 15th!

Beth Creekpaum Installation at Sandy Lake

Beth Creekpaum will be installed at Sandy Lake Church at 3:00 pm on Sunday (January 27) afternoon.  Beth is the first person under the new Book of Order to be elected as installed pastor after serving as interim pastor.  All are welcome to attend this service.

PW S.P.I.C.E. Submissions

Nancy Horn is requesting that ALL information for the upcoming edition of S.P.I.C.E. be submitted to her by the 3rd Wednesday of February.  The newsletter will be published at the end of February.  Contributions can include church events and programs (upcoming and accomplishments in 2012 and 2013) and anything pertaining to your churches.  Nancy can be reached at 724-376-4441 ornancystuff@zoominternet.net.

Spring Pastors Retreat Set

The Spring Pastors Retreat will be held on June 3 – 4 at Villa Maria.  Please mark your calendar now!  Russ Crabtree www.holycowconsulting.com  will be our leader.  More information will be provided at the February 26 Presbytery meeting.

Support Sudan Missionaries

More than 50 individuals have met Sharon Curry www.pcusa.org/sharon-curry and Leisa Wagstaff  www.pcusa.org/leisa-wagstaff  during their visits in the past month.  They will both be serving in the South Sudan and everyone has been much impressed by these women and their gifts for mission work.

We have for distribution at the Presbytery Office excellent post-card photos of each of the missionaries of the Nile Valley.  Please pass this information on to your mission committee so that your church can be involved in this important work in the world’s newest nation…South Sudan.

Update on the Kindles for the Sudan – Two more are needed. 

 The Sudan Partnership Team already has five kindles for our Christian brothers and sisters in the Sudan.   We want to thank the two individuals who donated their used kindles.  The team also purchased three more.  Many useful theological reference tools and books were uploaded onto the kindles and two are already in the Sudan.   We would like to have two more kindles to send with our mission team to South Sudan in February.  (This will fulfill our commitment to each of the seven pastors)  Remember we are looking for the basic Kindle as it has a long battery life.   If you have a used kindle to give or would like to donate a new one, please contact Brenda Stelle (724-342-7447).

Jo Ella Holman

Jo Ella is our regional liaison for the partnership in the Dominican Republic.  She has been a great help to the New Wilmington, Clen Moore and other churches in this partnership.  Please pray for her as she is having a double hip replacement this week.

South Sudan

The Southern Presbytery (one of 4 presbyteries) of the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church is becoming the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SSPEC).  This has been necessitated by the formation of the new country of the South Sudan.  It is no longer possible to remain as one church because of the tensions between the Sudan and the South Sudan.  The new SSPEC will be having its first General Assembly on January 27 – 30.  Please remember them in pray in your church in the coming weeks.  At the end of February, Miriam and Bill Gwin and Judy Veon (from Shenango Presbytery) and Donna Havrisko (from Redstone Presbytery) will be visiting SSPEC on our behalf in Juba, South Sudan.

New Wilmington Mission Conference is looking for an office manager

The job is best described as someone willing to provide complete secretarial and related administrative duties for the director, the Board of Managers and the participants in the NWMC. The office is located in the basement of the New Wilmington Presbyterian Church. Please send applications (CV, letters) to Don Stanley (pastordons@hotmail.com). Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

News From The Churches

Choir Director Wanted

Faith Presbyterian Church is still looking for a choir director.  If you are interested, or know of a musician who might be interested, please contact the church atoffice@faithpc.net or 724-962-4155.

Organist/Accompanist Wanted

Searching for organist/accompanist for Jamestown, PA, Presbyterian Church. Salary commensurate with ability and experience. See job description at www.jamestownpresbyterian.org

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