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Greetings from the pastors of SSPEC to the pastors of Shenango, greetings from the elders of SSPEC to the elders of Shenango, greetings from the women of SSPEC to the women of Shenango, greetings from the congregations of SSPEC to the congregations of Shenango.

Our sisters and brothers send their greetings and thanks to all in Shenango Presbytery for their prayers and support. This past week in South Sudan has been a real blessing. We spent the week encouraging, being encouraged, listening, sharing and just being with our brothers and sisters. Their joy, love, devotion to Christ in the midst of so many challenges is a true inspiration.

A week without internet, limited electric (7 hours a day), and 110 degree temps enabled us to spend many hours in the shade listening to the joys and challenges of starting over in this new country. There are very few schools and limited infrastructure but God is working through so many inspiring people. It has been a real privilege to represent Shenango this past week and to see firsthand how much our partnership means to our brothers and sisters in South Sudan.


Miriam Gwin (MCS Chair and Sudan Traveler)


Small Business Health Care Tax Credit for Small Businesses, a Reminder from the Synod Office

Dear Friends in Ministry and Mission –

This is to remind you to apply for the credit for health care premiums made possible by the Affordable Care Act enacted on March 23, 2010.  This is applicable for 2010 through 2013 and will continue in 2014 with even BETTER BENEFITS!   As a 501c(3) organization, we are eligible for this credit.  Please review all the enclosed documents.  The process is very simple.  Complete the IRS Forms 8941 and 990-T.

****Please note, the salaries for ministers are not included, since they are self-employed.  Make sure you write “REQUEST FOR 45R CREDIT ONLY” on the top of your form 990-T.  In addition, on the 990-T – Section I (at the top of the form)

During the tax year, was the corporation a subsidiary in an affiliated group or parent-subsidiary controlled group?


Identifying number of Parent Corporation:

23-6393377 General Exemption # 1617


By using Google (typing in “small business health care tax credit” – I found the following information:


For the past two years, the Synod of the Trinity and my home church received significant credits from this program.  At a time when funding is difficult, this is welcome news.



A Social Media Webinar Recommended by Rev. Janice Good of the Christian Education Committee

Ever wonder how to use social media?  Want to just understand the basics?  Or learn some strategies to help your ministry take your involvement to the next level?  Social Media Guide for Ministry, a 2013 Virtual Book Tour with Nils Smith (in conjunction with Group Publishing) will begin on Monday, March 4th.  Topics include: Social media basics, Twitter and YouTube techniques, Tips for blogging, and more.  Learn more.


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