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Jim Cossin (formerly Westfield pastor and director of Seneca Hills) and his wife Darlene have moved to southern California to be near their son.  Darlene is in the latter stages of a 13-year bout with cancer.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Pulpit Supply Preacher Honorarium Increases

After decades of no change in honorariums for pulpit supply preachers, the Presbytery approved the following new amounts for 2014: one service is $100 plus mileage at IRS rate; two services is $125 plus mileage at IRS rate.  The IRS rate is presently 56.5 cents per mile.  The IRS rate for 2014 is presently 56 cents per mile (as of 1/10/14).

New Prescription Drug Provider

Catamaran is the new service provider for your prescription drug coverage under the Board of Pensions as of January 1.  Here’s how to contact Express Scripts (previous provider) after December 31 about a prescription they previously filled for you:

Phone: Through March 31, 2014, call the number you currently use to speak with an Express Scripts representative: 800-344-3896 for active members or 877-866-5870 for Medicare Supplement Plan members. Using this number, you can get information about your past medications and claims through Express Scripts as well as technical assistance with the Express Scripts website, including setting or resetting your password. After March 31, 2014, Express Scripts will no longer provide service via phone representatives.

Website:  Through December 31, 2015, log in directly to express-scripts.com to access your medication history. (Benefits Connect will no longer be able to provide single sign-on access to the Express Scripts website beginning January 1, 2014.)

If you have questions, please call the Board of Pensions at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN) and speak with a member service representative.

Session Survey to Assist Council and the EP Nominating Committee

Surveys were sent to all Session members that the office received email addresses for, all pastors, ministers, and CREs.  If you a member of one of these groups, but did not receive one of those emails, please click here to complete the survey.

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