The Bible in 90 Days

The presbytery’s Christian Education and Evangelism Committees are encouraging churches in the presbytery to participate in the Bible in 90 Days this fall. This whole-church challenge is designed like the ultimate book club—everyone in the church reads the Bible, cover to cover, in just 12 pages a day. Each week, small groups gather to discuss the week’s readings. The weekly sermons are also focused on the readings. This challenge has the potential to be a transformative moment for our churches as our people read God’s word and take on a meaningful challenge together.

The Christian Education and Evangelism Committees want to support you in this task! They have provided some resources/templates/ideas that you can download and use in order to promote and implement this challenge in your church.

In return, they ask that you register your church so that they can continue to provide you with support and resources and so that they can do some community-wide publicity. All churches that register by July 15 will receive a free leader’s pack, courtesy of the Christian Education Committee.

For more information about the challenge, please come to the June presbytery meeting. In addition, you can contact Andrea Hall at with any questions or concerns.

Click here for a registration form and resources!

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

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