Emergency Action Plan

Pulpit Supply

These individuals who are on the pulpit supply list are agreeable to be called in an emergency and possibly fill in.

Elder read the transcript of the pastor’s sermon

Identify 2 elders/leaders who agree to read it before the emergency.

Manuscripts **Please DO NOT distribute. These manuscripts are used by permission.**

Video Sermons

Identify someone who will run the livestream/video and lead the rest of the worship service in case of emergency.

The Book of Common Worship is available online for free for things like assurance of pardon, pastoral prayers, etc. for the leaders who would be stepping in.

  • Coming soon

Liturgies for Hymn Sing

  • Coming soon

Talk to your neighborhood pastors

Find out if any of your local Presbyterian churches have worship at a different time and if it would be feasible to preach twice in the case of an emergency.

Read a children’s story

This story can come with a short meditation or be a longer story that stands alone. Purchase the book and identify the leader that could read it ahead of time.


  • The Sneeches- Dr. Suess (There is no Jew nor Greek…)
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie- Laura Numeroff (resting in God… remembering that we are thirsty for living water in the midst of many distractions)
  • Claude the Dog- Dick Gackenbach (Widows Mite)
  • Gertrude McFuzz- Dr. Suess (redemption- Romans 8- nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus)


If none of the above plans work and there is no other choice, or those choices don’t fit your context, it is appropriate to cancel with the affirmation of your session.

If you would need to cancel, how would you get the word out? Put a plan in place that includes who would email/make calls, etc. Will it be a staff person or an elder? Ex: split the congregation for elders and deacons to text, email, make calls, etc.

Back Up Musicians

We are working on a list of emergency pianists, organists, back up musicians. If you know of someone who might fit this description, please ask their permission, and if yes, please submit their name and contact information to the presbytery.

  • Rev. Pam Maloney
    Home: 724-342-3140

All submissions regarding this emergency plan should go to: advancement@shenango.org.

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