Pastoral Support

The role of the Pastoral Support team is to come alongside pastors serving calls in Shenango Presbytery, to oversee and engage in their support and direction.

From inquirers to first calls to pastors contemplating retirement, we’re there providing pastoral care along the way. We encourage, uplift, and provide resources to candidates for ministry as well as pastors in crisis.

Preparation for Ministry

Thinking of entering the ministry? Learn about the process, from getting started to finding a call.

Care & Wellness

Self care is an important part of ministry. Learn more about taking care of your physical and emotional well-being.

Pastor Retreats &
Continuing Education

Make the most of your study leave allowance by discovering opportunities for growth and enrichment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am sensing that God may be calling me into vocation ministry. How can the Presbytery help? Where do I get started?

Our Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) is led by Catherine Craley. She and the team would be glad to begin a conversation with you about God’s call and options for training service in ministry and how the Commissioned Lay Pastor (CLP) or Minister of Word and Sacrament options might work for you. See the CPM page for more details.

I am a pastor and I have questions about my benefits through the Board of Pensions, or my terms of call, or my clergy taxes. Who should I ask?

You can always contact the Director of Pastoral Support, but also see our Resources for Pastors page for documents and links to resources that may answer your questions.

Ministry has started to burn me out and wear me down. Who can offer me help?

Someone from our Pastoral Support Team would be happy to meet with you for coffee or lunch. You can also check our Care & Wellness or Pastor Retreat pages for resources of renewal, including grant opportunities through our denomination for Sabbatical support.

I am an elder or member of my local church and am concerned for my pastor’s well-being. What should I do?

First of all, talk to your pastor and check in! Second, reach out to the Director of Pastoral Support and let us know the concern. We would much rather serve proactively than before it’s too late.

This new Presbytery structure is a bit confusing. I am unsure if I should be reaching out to the pastor or congregational support team with my question. Where do I start?

Directors Nathan and Michael work very closely together, given that congregational and pastoral items have a lot of crossover. Feel free to reach out to either one and they will work out together how to help.

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