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Are you someone who likes to try new things, dream big dreams, or think outside the box?  Do you want to have a role in the way our presbytery moves into the 21st century or have ideas on how we might be better at connecting with each other, our churches, and our community?  Then the Advancement team is for you. 

The other three teams were formed to meet very real needs in our presbytery and churches in the here and now.  The Advancement team was set up to help guide the vision of the presbytery into the next generation and come alongside churches to do the same. 

We currently meet monthly as we brainstorm and prioritize needs in the presbytery.  The team meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 12:00 PM at Presbyterian Church in New Wilmington.  A simple lunch is provided. The goal is to form a priority list for our team and within a few months have team members to indicate which areas they have the most interest and then work in smaller groups to achieve those ends.  Things we are currently working on include:  leaderfest, officer training, forming a black caucus or self development of peoples opportunities, reframing presbytery meetings, and providing soul care/ suicide prevention for our churches.   If you are interested in our work or being a part of the conversation, contact us at

The team is headed by TE Beth Creekpaum and the team includes TE Howard Gaston, TE Lorrie Ghering Burick, CRE Donna Heard, RE and Student Pastor Charlene Kennedy, RE Carol Monk, CRE Jim Moose, TE Carolyn Moss.

Presbytery Enrichment

View the videos and download resources from our times of enrichment at the Stated Presbytery meetings.

Officer Training

Resources for officer training, information on Leaderfest and more.

Soul Care

Are you looking for resources to help your congregation with soul care, suicide prevention, and more? Click below.


Watch videos on best practices and innovations for your congregation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is LeaderFest happening this year?

Yes! Leaderfest is being planned for September 10th. We’re still in the planning phase, so watch for more information coming soon.

I have a session that wants to do a retreat and have a time of thinking/re-thinking what ministry and mission looks like in our world today. Is there someone available to lead that discussion?

Please contact Beth at about the possibility of having those conversations with your session or your congregation.

I have feedback about the changes to the presbytery meetings, where shoudl I put them?

Please go to this link and give us your feedback.

I have ideas for who might be good for the presbytery to hear from for times of enrichment, where should I submit them?

Please email Beth Creekpaum at for ideas for Leaderfest, presbytery enrichment, or pastor retreat contributors in the future.

I missed the presbytery enrichment video and would like to share it with my session. Where are those videos located?

Enrichment videos are located at the presbytery’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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