Presbytery Operations

Do you ever wonder what happens “behind the curtain?”  Or “under the hood?” Or “in the kitchen?”  Are you ever curious about “how things work?”  Do you enjoy the details of “getting from A to Z?”

This is the work of the Presbytery Operations Team.  Specifically, we work together on the details of the finances, property and personnel for the Presbytery.  We put together the budgets for our operations, and the funding for our missions.  We help congregations with issues of property.  And we work with our Presbytery personnel to help them do the best job possible.  

The Operations Team meets about 5 or 6 times a year.  In between team members may work on occasional projects connected with the finances, property or personnel in our Presbytery.  The goal is to have team members work in areas of particular interest.  
If you would like to find out more about what happens “behind the curtain” in our Presbytery, contact Glenn Hink (, or 724-981-2211, ext. 2)


Find all of the forms you need to submit your Per Capita and mission giving monies, plus documents to help educate your congregation on the purposes of our Presbytery budgets.


Have a question about property issues – building, manse, or cemetery? Email our Operations Team.


Shenango Presbytery is served remotely by an Executive Team and support staff.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Without a Presbytery Office, and without an Executive Presbyter, who do we contact with matters for Presbytery?

Presbytery staff work remotely either from church offices, or from home.  The easiest way to contact the Presbytery is to email or call the Presbytery (remote) Office;, or 724-528-1610).  The Office Administrator can then direct you to the right Presbytery person to help you.

Has our reorganization to an Executive Team effected our Per Capita?

Yes.  The Per Capita for the Presbytery dropped in 2022 to $25.00/member from $29.07/member in 2021.

What are the paid personnel of Shenango Presbytery?

Stated Clerk, Director of Pastoral Care, Director of Congregational Care, Director of Advancement/Vision, Director of Operations, Office Administrator and Financial Administrator.  The Stated Clerk, the 4 “Director” positions, and the voluntary positions of Moderator and Vice-Moderator make up the Executive Team. 

How is the Per Capita for our congregation calculated?

Per Capita is the shared financial responsibility for the ministry and mission in our Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly.  It is calculated by multiplying the reported membership of the church to General Assembly from the previous year by a cost/member to fund the operations of Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly. 

How are decisions made regarding church property in the PCUSA?

Church property is held in trust by the Presbytery for the mission of Jesus Christ through a particular congregation.  Congregations cannot sell, purchase or encumber property without the approval of the Presbytery.  Shenango has a long history of working with the Session of a church in all property issues to help them achieve their goals. 

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