Stated Clerk’s Corner

So, you’re a Clerk of Session. With that job comes the responsibility to take clear, precise minutes that not only reflect the business of the meeting, but also an ongoing historical record of the life of your congregation.

In this section of the site, you will find all of the assistance that you need to help make your job a little easier. From training to site links to helpful documents, you can access it all here from this page.

Clerks of Session

Are you a newly named Clerk of Session? Learn all that you need to know to take minutes and support the work of your pastor.

Annual Reports & Statistics

Every fall each clerk starts to prepare for annual report season. Get all the forms and information that you need, as well as a link to the GA Statistical site.

Session Records Review

Learn more about the Annual Session Records Review and what information is required in your minute books and registers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My minute book is full, how do I start a new one?

We recommend purchasing a minute books and paper from Cokesbury, preferably refillable and not bound. If you are currently using a refillable book, simply remove and bind the used pages, and purchase new blank pages.

My church is thinking about closing. What do we do with all of our records and memorabilia?

The Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia accepts many records and memorabilia items for permanent storage in their facility. Contact the Stated Clerk and consult this schedule to see which items are considered for permanent storage.

I’m researching my family history and saw that my mother was baptized in a church that is now closed. Can I get a copy of her baptism certificate from you?

The Presbytery does not keep the records of closed churches. Instead we send them on to the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia for permanent storage in their facility. You can contact them at 215-627-1852 or visit this page for more information.

I forgot my login information for the GA Statistics site, do you have a record of it?

Yes, we can, in most circumstances, get a copy of that information for you. Your user ID is simply your 5-digit church PIN (add a zero at the beginning if your PIN is only four digits). Email our Office Administrator for your password.

My church needs to obtain a copy of our 501C3 status. How do we do that?

To obtain your 501C3 status letter, all you have to is go to The Synod of the Trinity, click on the Resources tab at the top of the page, select Financial Resources from the menu that pops up, and scroll down the Financial Resources page until you get to the heading “How to Obtain a 501c3 Letter”.  All of the instructions are in the document linked there. 

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