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Rev. Dawson’s Email

Some of you may have received error messages recently if you tried to email Rev. Dawson.  He is not able to check his email in the Sudan, and his mailbox has filled up very quickly.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask that you try emailing again in a few days once he has returned home and has had a chance to download all of his messages.


What is the Fellowship?  What is ECO?  What options do they offer for ministry and mission for churches?  Shenango Presbytery?  Come and learn more.  There will be special discussions on FOP and ECO:

  • Sunday, March 11, 7:00 PM, Northminster Presbyterian Church, New Castle
  • Thursday, March 22, 7:00 PM, 1st Presbyterian Church, Sharon

The focus of these meetings will be information and discussion.  All Presbyterian members, elders and pastors are welcome.  The meetings will be similar, just repeated in different locations so more people might be encouraged to attend.  Contact Glenn Hink (724-981-2211, ext. 2 or pastor@1stpcs.org) or Bill Hoffman (724-458-8270 or bhoffman@eastmainpc.org) with any questions.

A Reformed New Testament Theology Group – UPDATED!
with Professor Kang Na of Westminster College is forming to study New Testament theological themes and how these themes are informed by Scripture including the Greek New Testament.  This group will be picking themes to study and the New Testament passages that inform these themes.  Prior Greek knowledge is not necessary.  History of Biblical interpretation will be part of this study.  Beginning with 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and studying eschatology (last things), the group will meet every other week, starting March 21st, on Wednesday mornings at Westminster College.  Then we will move into 1 Corinthians 15 studying Christology, soteriology (salvation), and current “hot topics”.  All are welcome to attend.  No commitment is necessary.  Contact Aaron Christy at Clen-Moore Church to sign-up or with any questions at dyfmclenmoore@gmail.com.
In addition…in response to the February Presbytery meeting’s introduction of ECO and their Essential Tenets which were given, this group would like to explore this historical and theological meaning of the use of the term “Infallibility of Scripture”.  The use of the term “infallibility” has meant different things to different people through the church’s history.  We want to begin to discuss this by looking at 2 Timothy 3:16-17 as part of our opening meeting.

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

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