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Attendance Numbers Requested – Economic Growth Projected

The economic winds are blowing in a new direction in Lawrence and Mercer counties for the first time in 50 years.  How does this affect your church?  What do you need to do because of the economic growth from gas and race track infusion of capital?  What are the demographic impacts?  For more information come to First Presbyterian Church of Sharon at 6:30 PM on Thursday, March 15.  If members of your church are planning to attend, please contact office@shenango.org to indicate your attendance (we want to have enough seating for everyone).  Read the flyer.

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

One thought on “eLink News – EXTRA!

  1. This meeting concerns me. It would seem to give smiling approval to an enterprise that many Christians deplore and which threatens to exploit and victimize many who are susceptible to gambling addiction. I consider it inappropriate for our churches to celebrate a business that is often linked with crime and corruption and that militates against the moral and spiritual wellbeing of the entire sphere of its influence.

    Joe Hopkins

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