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David Dawson Announces Retirement Date

Joan and I have decided that it is time to announce a retirement date.  It will be March 1, 2014.  I will be 67 years old at that time and nearing the end of my 22nd year as Executive Presbyter of Shenango Presbytery.

This is the right time for the Presbytery.  In these disruptive days, there is not going be a good time for transition during this decade.  What we are going through in this denomination will not be settled anytime soon.  The General Assembly meets again in 2014 and that is likely to add to our problems.  This timing for my retirement will allow for the Presbytery to decide on future staff to be in place when that happens.  The Presbytery Survey and Listening Sessions have been developed by the Council to work on scenarios that can help our churches through 2014.

This is the right time for Joan and me.  Joan retired from teaching five years ago.  I have a number of interests from which I will be choosing to pursue at a less demanding pace.  There are, of course, six grandchildren (ages 3 – 16)!

What happens now?   We begin with the Presbytery Council meets on June 4.  Russ Crabtree is our Pastors Retreat leader (June 3 – 4).  http://www.holycowconsulting.com/   He works with church organizations on succession planning.  On June 3 he will be speaking with the pastors about leading their congregations.  On June 4 the pastors will be joined by the Presbytery Council for its regular meeting.  Russ will lead a discussion on how to move through this transition in executive presbyter leadership.  Synod executives Bruce Stevens and Sue Wonderland will also be present to provide assistance.  I anticipate that Council will report to Presbytery at the June 25 meeting.

We have important work to do in the ensuing ten months.  I care deeply about this Presbytery and its churches, so I intend to be as helpful as possible to all of you.  Together we will trust the providence of our God… Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

David Dawson

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

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