Shenango Presbytery’s Mission Funds

“Congregations Do Mission… and Congregations Do Mission Together”

Congregations have always “done mission”. Congregations are the communities that dream dreams, organize volunteers, and raise support. The Presbytery of Shenango mission funds encourage congregations to lead in mission.

We invite congregations to “do mission together” by financially supporting seven funds that represent mission visions shared by all our congregations together.

Mission Funds

Mission Interpretation: This fund helps with the expenses of missionaries coming to the Presbytery of Shenango. This would include travel expenses, visas, hosting costs, etc. Visiting missionaries help our presbytery hear the stories of what God is doing in other parts of the world and how we can be involved.

Travel Grants: This fund supports individuals and congregational groups going on mission trips. Specifically this helps with airfare, van rental, gasoline, etc. This fund gets individuals and groups to different places to share in mission.

Education Funds

Continuing Education Scholarship: This fund provides grants for Shenango pastors and congregation members to attend conferences and seminars. Continuing education costs often significantly exceed the funds provided by congregations. This fund helps pastors and congregation members research theological interests, develop new skills, and relax and practice good “self-care”.

Seminary Aid: This fund provides grants for seminary students under the “care” of the Presbytery of Shenango with tuition, books, and required testing.

Congregational and Pastoral Support

Pastoral Aid: This fund is available for emergency financial aid to pastors. It is intended to help with health emergencies, legal fees, and accidents that create a significant financial hardship.

Church Development: This fund is available for emergency financial assistance to congregations. It is intended to help with “start up” costs of new ministries, exploring new visions for congregational life and mission, and minor emergency facility repairs.

Church Aid: This fund helps the Presbytery cover the costs of congregations closing. When a congregation closes there are often costs associated with property care, realtor fees, legal fees, and taxes. If the congregation is not able to cover these costs, the Presbytery steps in to help so all is done well to honor the history of the congregation.

These seven funds are just the beginning of “mission together”. Congregations are encouraged to dream, organize, and raise support for missions in their communities and in the world. And congregations are encouraged to reach out to other congregations for mission partnerships. These missions are led by congregations who hear God’s call to this mission work.

These missions include our longstanding work in Sudan and the Dominican Republic. They could also include missions like “backpack food missions” for local kids, housing ministries, support ministries to single moms, and thrift stores. The idea is to find a need, listen for God’s call, find partners, and make a difference. It’s how congregations “do mission together”.

To Support Our Mission

Undesignated financial giving will support all seven of these funds, with the level of support dependent upon the level of need. Each year the Presbytery Mission Team will establish the level of support each fund with receive from undesignated contributions (i.e. 5%, 15%, 25%).

Designated financial giving will support the particular fund or funds that are chosen, and only that fund(s).

Presbytery Mission Fund support can be given regularly or as a one-time gift. If sending a check, please be sure that the appropriate mission fund is listed on the memo line and mail to 600 E. State Street, Sharon, PA 16146. (Undesignated funds should just be listed as “mission fund” on the memo line.) Online giving is also available on our webiste via PayPal by clicking this link.

To download a copy of this post in brochure form with further information, click here.

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

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