Re-Imaging The Presbytery of Shenango:  Organized in a New Way

The old ways of Presbytery life together as Presbyterian Churches is coming to an end.  The old ways are coming to an end because the culture is changing.  The old ways are coming to an end because churches are changing.  And the old ways are coming to an end because Presbyteries are changing.

            In 2020 the Presbytery of Shenango began a bold vision of organizing life together as congregations and pastors in a new way.  The new way replaces the traditional Executive Presbyter and “corporate nature” of Presbytery organization, with an Executive Team and Ministry Teams.  This new way of being a Presbytery emphasizes shared leadership, creativity and efficient use of resources.

            The Executive Team is made up of 7 members (note below).  The Moderator, Vice Moderator and Stated Clerk are elected by the Presbytery.  And as before, the Moderator and Vice Moderator are volunteer positions of leadership, and the Stated Clerk is a part-time paid position of leadership. 

The 4 Director positions are employees of the Presbytery, and are part-time paid positions of leadership.  The Directors share the basic leadership responsibilities of an Executive Presbytery at less than 1/3 of the cost.  The Directors oversee the areas of Operations, Presbytery Advancement, Congregational Support, and Pastoral Support.

            In addition, each of the Directors has 1 or more teams of lay leaders and pastors to help in the specific responsibilities of leadership.  This replaces the numerous committees in the Presbytery previously.  This is “right-sizing” Presbytery leadership and organization for our changing days.

            One thing that hasn’t changed is work of Autumn Imhoff as Office Administrator, Shari Getway as Financial Secretary, and Bill McKnight as Treasurer.  Autumn and Shari work remotely.  You can contact Autumn at 724-528-1610 or, and Shari at 724-981-2211 ext. 3, or  Please contact Autumn with any questions about Presbytery, and Shari with any Presbytery financial questions. 

And please contact Rev. Dr. Glenn Hink, Director of Operations, 724-981-2211 ext. 2 or, with any questions about the “Reimagined Way” of the Presbytery of Shenango. 

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The Presbytery of Shenango serves 49 churches in Mercer and Lawrence Counties of western Pennsylvania.

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