Congregational Support

The Congregational Support Team exists to strengthen and guide our congregations by providing connections to other congregations and the larger church, as well as the necessary resources for their mission and ministry.  

The Congregational Support Team thus oversees many of the duties previously completed by the Committee on Ministry (COM) in consultation with the Pastoral Support Team, as well as Presbyterian Women, Camps and Conferences, and Mission, Communication and Stewardship. 

Essentially, we are here to ensure our congregations and their sessions fulfill God’s purposes for them by being a resource and a support.  

In conjunction with the Presbytery Advancement Team, we are also here to provide fresh ideas and creative solutions to our congregations. 

Meet Our Congregations

Shenango Presbytery consists of 46 congregations in Mercer and Lawrence counties of western Pennsylvania.

Congregational Needs

Find all of the forms and documents that your congregation needs including the Terms of Call worksheet, Pulpit Supply List, Interim Pastor Contract, and more.


Meet our mission partners and learn more about the ministries that they live out each day.

Looking for the Mission Travel Grant? Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do the Pastoral Terms of Call work?  Where can I get the form?

Pastoral terms of call is set up one of two ways:  Called and Installed, or Contract. 

Called and installed are full-time pastors who serve congregations in a “traditional” sense; that is, they are ordained and installed, and thus enrolled in the Board of Pensions programs.  These calls are governed by the minimum effective salary, which for 2022 is $54,340.    They are also approved by vote of the congregation.  You can download the form here.

Contract calls are part-time pastoral calls which are approved for a maximum of twelve months at a time and are a fraction of the full-time call.  While the presbytery minimum is used to give a range for such calls, they are more flexible.  These can be served by ordained pastors or commissioned pastors (formerly “commissioned ruling elders” or “commissioned lay pastors”). You can download a sample contract here (coming soon) and guidance for contract calls here (coming soon)

Please also remember that these arrangements are to be approved by the Congregation Support Team, so please consult us when undertaking such contracts. 

We need someone to fill our pulpit while our pastor is away or moderate our session.  Help!! 

No worries, we have a list of those pastors (lay and ordained) who are local and whom we recommend to fill your pulpit in the absence of your pastor.  You can download the list here.

Please remember that the remuneration for pulpit supply is $125 plus mileage for one service, or $100 per service for multiple services plus mileage.  Remuneration for moderating a session meeting is $50 plus mileage.  

What mission co-workers (“missionaries”) does the presbytery support?  Where can we find more information and resources for our mission committees?   

You can find more information on our current mission emphases and co-workers here.

I’d like to send youth to a Presbyterian Camp.  Which ones does the presbytery affiliate with and where can I find more information. 

As a part of the Camping Association of Northwest Pennsylvania, Shenango Presbytery has a historic connection with Camp Lambec in West Springfield, Erie County, PA.  Located on Lake Erie, Camp Lambec hosts annual family camps, wet and wild youth camp, and music camp.  For more information, visit their website here:

In recent years, we’ve also built a relationship with Crestfield Camp and Conference Center just beyond our borders near Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.  For more information, you can visit their website here:

I’m a member of a congregation of the presbytery, and I’d like to participate in a short-term mission trip.  Are there scholarships available? Yes, there are scholarships available for short term mission trips.  Please contact the Director of Congregational Support for more information.

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