Michael and Rachel Ludwig

Serving Christ together in Niger

Only 30 percent of the people in Niger can read and write.  Nigeriens seeking literacy skills often approach pastors, typically the most educated people in their communities, for assistance.  The pastors want to help, but they usually need to improve their skills as literacy trainers. Michael Ludwig will help pastors and evangelists in the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger (EERN) raise their proficiency as literacy teachers. He will also build their capacity to organize literacy classes. Literacy classes help people better their economic plight, and they often opens doors for witness.  Michael will also be working with students and teachers at two Bible schools. In addition, Michael will familiarize the EERN with the Community Health Evangelism model, an initiative that integrates community-based development, evangelism, and discipleship. His wife, Rachel, will be open to opportunities to serve with the church and in the community as God leads.

Visit Michael and Rachel’s PC(USA) page to read newsletters and more information about their work.


Michael & Rachel’s Newsletters to Shenango Presbytery:


  • Michael – May 2
  • Rachel – June 8


  • March 22

To support Michael and Rachel’s ministry, please send a check payable to “Shenango Presbytery” to 4197 New Castle Road, Pulaski, PA  16143.  Please note account #200513 in the memo portion.

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